Plumbers Needed In Canada, And You Can Be One Of The Lucky Persons To Work In Canada 2022/2023

Plumbers Needed In America And You Can Be One Of The Lucky Persons To Work In Canada

Canada is one of the countries with an ageing population; this has led to a shortage in the number of younger people who can put in the needed hours in the plumbing sub-sector of the construction industry. This has created a lot vacuum that needs to be filling as soon as possible and that is what we will be discussing in this article.

As the older workers retire, Canada is now looking abroad for skilled foreign workers to take over from the older generation with a mouth watering pay that stands at about eight thousand, two hundred and four dollars ($80,204) annually, which a fair remuneration for Americans and even much better for immigrant workers coming from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. 

Plumbing Plays A Very Role In The Canada Economy

The Plumbing sub-sector generated an annual revenue of $124 billion in 2021, making it one of the top contributors to the Canadian economy, there are numerous opportunities in the industry, but the current shortage in plumbers is causing a negative effect in the construction industry, the situation is very dare and scary which have prompted hiring firms to look outside Canada to Africa and beyond to source for qualified/skilled workers to fill in the vacuum.   

According to the 2021 Construction Market Report, there is a 55% shortage for plumbers which translate into many jobs opening yearning for fill ups.

Canadian States With The Highest Demands For Plumbers.

The states of Toronto and Ontario clearly have the highest demands for plumbers in Canada, and with the demands going up, so is the wages per hour going up, in many case,  home owners and construction firms are made to pay extra wages to have access to limited number of plumbers which puts plumbers in the bracket of high earners.

Which Level Do you Prefer Residential Or Commercial Plumbing?

The plumping industries has a variety of plumbing problems that needs work men and women, there are residential plumbing jobs which are mainly fixing of leaks in the housing plumbing systems or new faucets and toilets in private homes and offices.

There are also commercial plumbing jobs which generally deals with commercial water treatment systems, water heaters, stop valves, and other equipment; the commercial plumbing jobs are more paid than residential types and there are a lot of government benefits added to the normal wages, especially those working at night shift, days off work, guarantee working hours, medical insurance etc.

Requirements For Plumbing Jobs Canada

Punctuality:  The ability of a plumber to arrive at the appointment call time for your work is a very essential aspect of the requirements, a plumber may be called at any time because of a leakage or blockage in the plumbing system and the person is expected to arrive promptly, failure to be time conscious will impact negatively on your work.

Good Communication Skills: Your ability to communicate properly with clients, ability to respond politely during emergency call is very vital to a plumber; secondly, your ability to listen attentively and respond appropriately in emergency situation is a very critical requirement in this industry.

Ability To Handle Required Tools: Very vital is also your ability to handle basic plumbing tools, whether you are working with a team or individually, you must be able to showcase your dexterity.

Basic Math And Calculations: Your ability to calculate and make accurate measurements, meter quantities will surely help every serious plumber because without the knowledge of proper measurements, the entire plumbing system will be jeopardized. The need to know the level of piping and fittings needed in a building, the flushing systems and other equipments is very vital.

What Is The Pay Like?

Entry level plumber can earn wages between $35 and $40 per hour and could earn upwards of $80, 204 annually, the large part of your earnings will depend on the state you work and your level of experience. Your plumbing job in American can earn you job trainings and certification that will qualify you for insurance.

How To Acquire A Canadian Visa?

If you secure a plumbing job through companies in Canada, the companies can help you secure visa into Canada with a letter of appointment forwarded to your country’s Canadian consulate, and if you already have a work permit through a notice of employment, you can log into the Canadian government  website and apply for work visa.

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