6 correct ways to wash your hair Hair washing process, reduce hair loss

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Believe it or not, many people tend to have hair-related problems such as hair loss, oily hair , dandruff, foul head , fungus on the scalp. In addition to being caused by various factors of each symptom. One of those factors usually comes from washing your hair incorrectly or neglecting to wash your hair. Wash your hair properly, go there.  In this article, we will discuss the importance of washing your hair. The correct way to wash your hair Proper hair washing process Helps the hair to return to good health, no problems with hair loss, oily hair, including diseases related to the hair and scalp.

Introducing 6 ways to wash your hair properly.

As mentioned earlier that correct hair washing How important is that? Therefore, in this topic, I will introduce the correct way to wash your hair. Helps to improve hair and scalp health, reduce hair loss , oily hair, dandruff and hair and scalp related diseases. 

1. Hair should be cleaned regularly.

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Because each day will have to face more or less dirt from the weather, environment, even many activities in daily life. Cleaning the scalp and hair is therefore very important and necessary. then will Is it good to wash your hair every day ? This answer depends on the condition of the hair and scalp, body condition, weather conditions, residence. and characteristics of daily life of the individual 

Washing your hair every day is usually not the right way to wash your hair. Because it makes the hair dry, fragile and also stimulates the scalp to produce more oil than usual. But if it’s in a hot weather and sweat a lot. or doing activities that cause the hair to have more dirt on it than usual Should wash your hair more often to reduce the problem of foul head and hair and scalp diseases. For people in tropical countries like Thailand. The correct way to wash your hair should be cleaning your hair at least 2 days per 1 wash or every other day. But if you sweat a lot Or in a condition that makes the hair dirty, it may increase the frequency of washing your hair as well.

2. Use a shampoo that is suitable for hair and scalp conditions.

The correct way to wash your hair  what shampoo to use

Each person’s hair and scalp condition differs from many factors, making each person’s choice of shampoo different. For those who have dry hair problems should opt for a shampoo formulated to add moisture to the hair. Conversely, those with oily hair should opt for oil-free shampoos. Because if using a shampoo that contains oil may make the hair and scalp more oily. In addition, for those who have dandruff problems, they may choose anti-dandruff formulas. But should be careful when using. Because if used consecutively, it may dry out the scalp. and cause more dandruff And most importantly, before choosing a shampoo, you should check the ingredients of that shampoo must not contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergies and irritate the scalp.

3. Avoid violently scratching the scalp.

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It is believed that many people like to scratch their scalp vigorously while washing their hair because it is believed that it will help keep the scalp cleaner. But that’s not the right way to wash your hair. because it may cause wounds to the scalp risk of infection It also hurts the scalp and base of the hair. makes hair bad I can lose without knowing 

The correct way to wash your hair is to use your fingertips to scratch your scalp instead of your fingernails. It will help clean the scalp and also stimulate the blood circulation on the scalp as well. 

4. Wash your hair with normal temperature water.

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Showering and washing your hair with lukewarm or hot water can be soothing. Comfortable, but did you know that showering and washing your hair with warm or hot water is very harmful to the skin and hair, causing dry skin, dry hair and scalp? split ends And finally damaged hair, so the correct way to wash your hair. Therefore, you should wash your hair with normal temperature water. To prevent dry and damaged hair

5. Don’t comb your hair when it’s wet.

How to wash your hair properly, not to damage your hair

Hair usually gets weaker when it’s washed or wet. If you comb your hair while washing your hair or when it’s wet because you think it’s easier to comb your hair than when it’s dry. That’s not the right way to wash your hair. because it will cause hair loss, easily broken

6. Always blow dry your hair after shampooing.

The correct way to wash your hair  Which method can I use?

when we know How to wash your hair properly, and in the end, after washing your hair, you should blow your hair to dry completely on your head every time. You can also use a blow dryer or hair dryer. But the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high. And should not use hot air blowing into the base of the hair or hair for a long time. because it will make the hair dry and damaged In addition to the methods that have already been mentioned. The right way to wash your hair for men and the right way to wash your hair for women. It’s also different at some points.  ยูฟ่าเบท