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6 correct ways to wash your hair Hair washing process, reduce hair loss

Believe it or not, many people tend to have hair-related problems such as hair loss, oily hair , dandruff, foul head , fungus on the scalp. In addition to being caused by various factors of each symptom. One of those factors usually comes from washing your hair incorrectly or neglecting to wash

If You Want To Have Good Skin, You Have To Behave Like This.

People’s skin is like a window that shows or communicates whether your body is healthy or has an abnormality or not, not just an indication of external beauty alone, and good skin can be partly derived from behavior. Living a life that will affect the

7 steps to take care of facial skin from dullness.

Sometimes, when meeting an acquaintance, I get a greeting saying “Why is your face so dark?” until looking in the mirror to seriously examine one’s face which when seriously looking in the mirror found that the facial skin was really dull therefore causing concern cause lack of self-confidence Some people even dare not

7 Great Benefits Watermelon

A fruit known as a symbol of summer. In addition to the coconut, there should be a watermelon attached to the dart with him. Because watermelon is cold, sweet, juicy, whether eaten fresh Or put it in a blender, it’s delicious, cool, refreshing, quenching thirst, and cooling down really well. but