Barcelona reduce tickets by 70 per cent next season.

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Barcelona move to play at the Estadi Uis Kompanis in Montjuic for the 2023-24 season. Has seen the club prepare to reduce its football season ticket to just 25,000.

Barcelona are set to cut their season ticket numbers by almost 70 per cent. As they temporarily move to Montjuic during the redevelopment of the ‘Spotify Camp Nou’ next season. According to reports ‘Deerio Sport’ on Monday the past. 

The Azulgrana plan to go ahead with the refurbishment of the ‘Camp Nou’. Which dates back to 1957, with the club entering into an agreement with Barcelona City Council for the lease of the ‘Estadi Uis Kom’. Panies’ at Montjuic for the 2023-2024 season. While most of the facility renovations are still underway. 

Of course, a move to Barcelona’s home ground will inevitably affect the club’s finances, as Camp Nou has a current capacity of 99,500. UFABET Almost twice the size of the stadium at Montju. IC with a capacity of 55,962 seats

Barca vice-president Elena Forte has confirmed that the Azulgrana plan to only sell around 25,000 season tickets for next season. The rest will be available for general sale. Based on the current season ticket holders of 83,000, that means the number of season tickets is down 69.9 percent from the current total.

It remains unclear how the club will decide how fans will receive those tickets. But a massive reduction in the number of season tickets could mean Azulgrana raise ticket prices for games. And may cause many regular football fans to miss the game to see their beloved team on the field.