Jordi Alba Happy Barcelona Leads Real Madrid by 8 Points.

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Jordi Alba has been pleased with Barcelona performances this season. Having eclipsed rivals Real Madrid by eight points in their opening 20 games of the football season.

Barcelona’s experienced left-back Jordi Alba believes the Azul Grana have a chance to build on their season this season. After leading the Spanish league and leading rivals Real Madrid by eight points from the opening 20 games of the season. According to a report from Derio Sport on Monday. 

‘We’re having a very good season, playing well, pressing well and making sure our opponents don’t stand a chance. But it’s a very good gap.’ UFABET Said the 33-year-old left-back.

Sevilla ended Barcelona game well in the first half. After the visiting team from Andalusia sealed a tight defensive line and retreated very deep. The Azulgrana side were limited to shots from long distance only to test Yassine Bunu. Before the Catalan giants rattled three goals in the second half. 

‘In the first half it was difficult to find space. Because they play very closed and deep. But in the second half We understood the game better and got the goal.’ 

Alba also discussed his role this season. which will have to compete for the position with Alejandro Balde throughout the season.

‘I’m not the one to send messages. when i play I will take advantage of that moment. And when I’m not playing I will dedicate myself to supporting. And helping young players know what it’s like to play for this club.’ said Alba.