PSG fans banned from cheering on Marseille visit.

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Police officers from the district Bouches-du-Rhône Has issued a statement prohibiting PSG fans from cheering for their beloved football team in Wednesday’s game.

Paris Saint-Germain There is a queue to travel to Olympique Marseille in the French Cup round of 16 on Wednesday. Which is regard as a big battle for France in the name of ‘Le Classique’

In the past, football fans on both sides were consider direct enemies who always cause chaos. Causing the police to cut the power from the wind by banning PSG fans from traveling south to the Stade Velodrome.

This season police have work with the French football league and the French football federation to ensure matchday safety. And fans have ban from traveling to away games to reduce violent incidents.

The latest is the case of Parisian disciples who will starve and encourage PSG in an important battle. Which the officials are more concern about safety UFABET

In addition to the prohibition order from entering the field Officers will inspect suspicious cars. That park around the area. Stadium because of concerns that PSG fans may be undercover to cause crime before and after the match.

As for the home fans, they will be thoroughly inspected by officials before entering the stadium. Including cheering equipment, fireworks, weapons and items that may be the cause of the incident.