The media revealed! The team leader in charge of Arsenal fans Manchester City.

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The Daily Mail have set fire to Premier League charges against Manchester City for violating financial rules. Claiming their chief lawyer was an Arsenal fan.

City have charge by the English top flight for breaching financial rules after years of investigation. And recently conclude and manage to charge the club from the Manchester City.

Such cases could subject City to severe penalties in a number of cases. One of which is deduction of points or expulsion from the country’s top flight UFABET

The Daily Mail recently revealed that Murray Rosen Casey. One of the lawyers and the grand jury overseeing the Man City charges is a huge Arsenal fan.

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By the way, Rosen who serve as the head of the audit committee was reveal to be an artillery fan. And had elect a committee to take action on the Blue Sailboat himself.

Although the Premier League issue a statement that the committee was set up to work independently. And does not report directly to the Premier League or its members. But such stories create a lot of doubt for Manchester City fans.

The Mel also reveal that Rosen was likely set up to thwart City. Who would likely resort to appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Like in 2020 at that time. The Blues were convict by the European Football Federation for violating financial rules but ultimately survived.

Still, Rosen was adept at arguing and responding to defendants. who acted to contradict the allegations that have make through the Court of Arbitration for Sport more than 20 cases. Count as one of the lawyers who have experience in this matter.